High voltage Lightning Post Insulator

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High voltage Lightning Post Insulator
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Place Of Origin: Zhejiang, China
Brand Name: CHHP
Model Number: HY5CFPQ2-6/4T18
Type: Insulator
Material: Composite Polymer
Application: High Voltage
Rated Voltage: 33KV
Tensile Strength: 70KN
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Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
Brand Name: CHHP
Model Number: HY5CFPQ2-6/4T18
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Packaging Details: Wooden Case
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Product Description


HY5CFPQ series of lightning protection insulator (hereinafter referred to as the lightning protection insulator), its structure is a set of metal oxide arrester and composite insulator as a whole, is arranged inside the air gap, greatly expanding the application, not only play a supporting role and line installation, can effectively absorb the leakage fault current on line caused by lightning attack. Due to the ingenious design of the discharge gap, when lightning strikes the tower, the lightning arrester will instantly connect and cooperate with the discharge gap to discharge the strong power frequency current to the earth. After the gap is cut off quickly, the insulation will be recovered immediately. Under the action of air gap, the arrester usually does not bear the power frequency voltage, and greatly reduces the aging process of the arrester, and also improves its service life. Lightning protection insulator used in the city distribution network, which can effectively prevent the breakage of overhead insulated wire lightning accidents, even in high altitude mountain mountains, swamp wetland, river crossing tower and frequent lightning activities and other harsh geographical environment and requirements of high reliability on the distribution line, the lightning outage rate greatly reduced insulation breakdown the failure rate and line breakage rate, but also reduce the amount of maintenance line.


Under normal working condition, the insulation of lightning protection post insulator is only passing through tiny capacitive current (micro level), and the core component of Zinc Oxide resistor is at a non conduction state at this time. In addition to the isolation of air gaps, insulators have hardly passed through the current, slowing the aging of the composite coat and arrester. In addition, the composite coat has strong hydrophobicity and anti-aging property, and has excellent resistance to leakage and scratch and electric erosion, and has high tensile and flexural strength. The lightning arrester does not need to be cleaned and cleaned during operation. Lightning protection insulators are light in weight, which are two points of porcelain sleeve insulators. Easy to install. Because the insulator material, silicone rubber (SR) and the core of the lightning arrester are made by one-off hot pressing casting, there is no cavity (which solves the problem of explosion protection), and has good sealing performance. In order to facilitate the installation of the power sector, especially the design of the steel from the acupuncture mechanism (for insulated overhead conductor, bare wire can be directly connected directly into the thorn) does not hurt the wire, wire insulation, convenient installation, good electrical conductivity, and improve work efficiency.

So instead of distribution line lightning protection pillar insulated gapless arrester and insulator ceramic Zinc Oxide update products. It makes full use of the excellent nonlinear volt ampere characteristics of Zinc Oxide arrester, not only has large surge absorption ability, and the action is fast, free wheeling, frequent action does not affect its ability to absorb surge. When used for line protection, the tower metal cross arm can be directly installed, and the grounding line can not be specially designed, but when installed on the distribution transformer stage, the grounding design requirements of the distribution transformer station shall be satisfied.
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